Project Description

Tuas Power Utilities plant located at Tembusu Multi Utilities Complex, Jurong Island, Singapore, is looking to upgrade their utilities plant conventional lighting system to better performance and higher- energy efficient LED light to reduce their maintenance and monthly utility cost through easy and affordable replacement of lightings.

With long service life of more than 50,000 hours at high ambient temperatures, the proposed lightings are targeted to operate for more than 12 years. Apart from consuming lower energy, the lightings also significantly reduced maintenance cost by having for least or no requirement for spares, lessening the manpower used and minimize the plant’s operation down time to rectify conventional lighting issues.

Additionally, there is reduction in number of tubes for some lighting fixtures and offer the same
adequate light for the plant’s security purposes and safety operation.

  • Initial 2230pcs of 15W T5 Tube (442,555 kWh/year) vs Current 990pcs of 30W LED Lamp & 250pcs
    of 11W LED lamp (142,131 kWh/year) – 12 hrs operation
  • Savings of 300,424 kWh/year which is up to 68% energy savings in overall
  • Reduce in maintenance cost and number of tubes and luminaires
  • Return of LED Investment less than 3.5 years

Project Details